What is Nutrition?

Nutritional medicine considers the interactions of both nutrition and environment on human health

Nutrients are the building blocks of our body providing the basic materials required to sustain life and so it follows that nutrition plays an important role in virtually every medical condition and that correcting nutritional imbalances is fundamental to the prevention and treatment of many common conditions.

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What are the benefits of Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional medicine can support and / or correct many biochemical problems that contribute to chronic degenerative disease states and can assist with:

Reducing inflammation & toxicity

Correcting hormonal imbalances

Improving immune function

High blood pressure



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3. What to expect

Your practitioner will assess your diet, your relationship with food, and the impact of external factors on your health and wellbeing, such as exposure to toxicity from heavy metals, fertilisers, pesticides, synthetic chemicals including pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. They will also investigate your lifestyle and psycho-social stress factors including sleep habits etc.